Nuxalk First Nation

I traveled to Bella Coola, B.C. to shoot "Kelly Robinson - 4D Carver- Bringing it Back Home". While there, I met many of Kelly's family, friends and colleagues. Ideas starting flowing and several projects ensued. There is some exciting work coming soon!

Nuxalk Housing Solutions: Pt. 1

The Nuxalk Nation in Bella Coola British Columbia has done some amazing work in their housing and social development sectors. They have come up with some brilliant solutions to issues that plague First nations across the country. It is the first in a 2 part series made in hopes of inspiring other nations to adopt and adapt some of the Nuxalk Nation's successful strategies.

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Nuxalk Housing Solutions: pt. 2

Part 2. An in-depth look at the Nuxalk Nation's innovative new construction practices and capacity building initiatives.

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NUXALK Education Videos


In 2018 I will embark on a new project making educational films for Nuxalk's Acwsalcta school. Themes will cover traditional foods, language, potlatch ceremonies, and much more.

coming soon

Kelly Robinson - 4D Carver - Bringing it back home

With help from the ImagiNATIVE film festival, APTN and the Canada Council for the Arts, I traveled to Bella Coola, B.C. to document an important transformation my friend Kelly Robinson - a wonderful Nuxalk carver - was making. He was transforming from a 3 dimensional carver to a 4 dimensional carver. He did this to better balance his spiritual and economic selves. According to his people's customs, he carved and gifted a grizzly bear and a raven mask to his people in a touching ceremony I recorded in vivid detail.