Elder Interviews

As important as spending time with youth, is spending quality time with elders. It is good for them and even better for us. They are crucial links to our heritage and history. Just being with them reveals things integral to our make up. It takes patience. Communication styles have changed a lot over the years. Elders have often possess a more nuanced skill set when it comes to conversing. An hour or two in and with the right questions though, and most elders will reveal times and places we could never otherwise hope to go but through their tales. Here is a series of Gwa'sala - 'Nakwaxda'xw interviews I had the great fortune of conducting over the years.


*These interviews will be made available to the public once the community has had a decent amount of time with them*

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Paddy Walkus, Willie Walkus & Janet Paul - Takush Series


Lilly Johnny.PNG

Lily Johnny


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Willie Walkus