Using film to break new ground.

My name is Jamaine Campbell. I have always enjoyed a good story. I believe that my passion and interest for them began while listening to my grandfather (pictured above) tell stories as a youngster. Feeling connected to his history and my heritage through his sharing gave me a sense of comfort and grounding. I love to recreate that feeling for others with the film work I do. I have found these same great sensibilities in music, drama and art. I studied music, English, teaching and acting in University. Now film affords me the pleasure of blending all my passions in one profession. 

I look to do more than just bring comfort and entertainment to my clients though. I look to tell powerful stories that probe the depths of important questions and issues. I want to break new intellectual ground with my work, sowing and nurturing important new thoughts and ideas.

My work thus far has been focused entirely on First Nations content. I help my family and friends tell their stories. Knowledge is that which bridges the gap between bigotry and decency. It's important to fill this gap and film does a great job of doing so.

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2017 Kwakwaka'wakw Youth Unity Camp

The first ever Kwakwaka'wakw Youth Unity Camp was held at the Woss Lake Campgrounds, summer 2017, in the Traditional territories of the 'Namgis Nation. The purpose of a Kwakwaka'wakw Youth Unity Camp is to bring together youth, elders, community leaders and culture keepers of the different Kwakwaka'wakw Nations, to learn, share, heal and play. This year was a huge success. Plans are in the works to make this an annual event. Please share ideas you have for upcoming camps.

Kelly Robinson - 4D carver - bringing it back home

With help from the ImagiNATIVE film festival, APTN and the Canada Council for the Arts, I traveled to Bella Coola B.C. to document an important transformation my friend Kelly Robinson - a wonderful Nuxalk carver - was making. He was transforming from a 3 dimensional carver to a 4 dimensional carver. He did this to better balance his spiritual and economic selves. According to his people's customs, he carved and gifted a grizzly bear and a raven mask to his people in a touching ceremony I recorded in vivid detail.

*This film is currently under negotiations with the APTN and cannot be shown until they are through.*